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How To Get Star Wars Battlefront 2's Deluxe Edition Content, Without Buying It

Stormtroopers attack in Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to arrive this fall, with a couple of different versions of the game already available for pre-order. If you don't want to pay for all of those extra goodies in the deluxe edition of the game, however, you can actually get your hands on them through other means.

According to game designer Christian Johannesen, there are two ways to get all of the content provided through the Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition of the game. He was asked about this directly on Twitter and was quick to point out that you don't have to actually pay for the extra bells and whistles if you just want to get the vanilla version of the game.

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So according to Johannesen, you can get everything available in the souped-up version of Battlefront II simply by playing the game. That doesn't really surprise us, but it sure would be nice if they would start making these things a bit more obvious.

Nowadays, it feels like a AAA game can't come out without there being at least half a dozen versions available for purchase. What's more aggravating is that it can sometimes be difficult to understand what, exactly, the difference is between the different versions of the game, and whether or not all of that premium content being purchased is simply a "luxury fee."

For Battlefront II, it's the latter. In other words, rather than paying for a bunch of extra loot, you can simply unlock everything on offer by pouring hours of time into the game. To be clear, we're not knocking the luxury fee method, as it caters to a specific audience of gamers without gating anything from folks who are fine with progressing at a regular rate. If I'm only going to have time to play Battlefront II in short bursts and probably won't stick with the game for more than a few weeks, I would totally appreciate having the option to just fork over some extra money and have everything unlocked from the get-go. Since that's not the way I play, however, I'm also perfectly happy just saving myself a few bucks and getting the gear over time.

As for what you're paying for in the Battlefront II upgraded edition, it's all of your basic unlocks. You'll get every trooper class out of the gate, and they'll already be upgraded. They'll also have access to more guns right from the word go, as well as weapon modifications and epic abilities.

To be clear, this is a competitive shooter we're talking about, so we doubt EA or DICE would be crazy enough to make these purchased extras feel too overpowered in comparison to just playing the game straight and getting them eventually. Still, we're just happy to hear that the extra content isn't a bunch of exclusive weapons and whatnot, but rather early access to stuff everyone who plays the game can eventually get their hands on.

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