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Two of the legends that helped invigorate the music-rhythm genre in the world of interactive entertainment have teamed up together to create a brand new project that's currently in development for what we can only assume will be for home consoles.

Polygon is reporting that Inis and NanaOn-Sha have teamed up together for a new music rhythm title currently in development for today's generation of gaming consoles. They note that Masaya Matsuura and Keiichi Yano are collaborating together on a project known as Project Rap Rabbit.

Details on the game are basically nil, and we have no information on when the game will be released, how far along it is in development or whether or not it will be for portable systems and PC, or just the standard home consoles.

What we do know is that Masaya Matsuura is the alum who worked on PaRappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon, and that Keiichi Yano has previously worked on the Gitaroo Man series under the Koei Tecmo label. They've also put in some time with the other music-based game, Elite Beat Agents.

So we have two creative leads who have an extensive history of music-rhythm games under their belt, putting in time and effort to bring Project Rap Rabbit to life.

The only notable thing that has come out of this announcement is a link to a website for the game that has nothing on it except for a teaser video and links to the social media accounts for the game.

The teaser trailer was also recently posted up over on the official YouTube channel of the game, where a bunch of gamers are expressing excitement and intrigue into the project. You can check out the minute long teaser below.

It's a strange collection of imagery set against a hip-hop beat with obvious Eastern-inspired instrumentals.

We see the rabbit on the rooftop, who is presumably the main character, along with a flying saucer that flies along to abduct a cow, two drones that fly around, a tadpole in a robe sitting on a one-wheeled motorcycle, and an even bigger frog in the background behind a retro-futuristic Japanese castle.

It looks like the game is going to mix in different eras and cultural themes to bring the story and characters to life. It's a slight departure from the more urban-American depiction of Parappa in PaRappa The Rapper.

Of course, with the kind of minds behind the game that are heading up the project, expect something that might be a cross between PaRappa and Gitaroo Man. The only question now is whether or not the game will be a standard duel-type music-rhythm game or if it will have a different structure to it? I guess we'll find out soon enough when the developers unveil more details about Project Rap Rabbit.

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