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Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft gets a lot of flak from gamers for a number of reasons, some justified and others not so much. One of the more consistent issues it's attacked for are the servers and Uplay. Well, with the servers suffering a widespread outage, I imagine the perception of Uplay and Ubisoft's servers won't be changing for the better anytime soon.

According to Shacknews, the publisher's servers were down across all of their services, including their home console servers, their Uplay services, their European branch and their North American branch. This affected games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands and the ever-so-popular Rainbow Six: Siege, just to name a few.

Shacknews notes that there are also two separate messages being pushed by the U.K., division of Ubisoft and the U.S. division of Ubisoft, where the U.K., branch is saying that it was experiencing "degradation" on all of the services and that it has affected Ubisoft account management services, the website, online infrastructures for games and the Uplay service.

The U.S., portion of Ubisoft's support is reporting that it was simply conducting maintenance and that various titles would be offline while the crew finished up. It was mentioned that some of the multiplayer portions of the games and companion apps would be offline, along with Uplay, their user services, forums, and websites.

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Shacknews questioned if perhaps the servers were really just undergoing maintenance or if there was some kind of DDoS attack from those angry with Ubisoft for one reason or another?

Technically it could have been undergoing maintenance in preparation for next week's E3 festivities. It's not uncommon for publishers to make special preparations for E3 as the company readies for a surge in traffic from people live-streaming from their websites or downloading a lot of content and other DLC for games, which usually happens when there's a special deal or discount taking place during the event.

In this case, however, it doesn't appear to have lasted for too long because after suffering from the downtime earlier in the day, Ubisoft managed to restore the services and at least get the basic functionality of the website and the Uplay user services up and running again.

Of course, even undergoing maintenance may not necessarily make a lot of people happy about Uplay in general, but if it's all up and running nice and neat again it means it's possible to access your games without any problems.

Oftentimes a lot of gamers complain about having to go through multiple steps on PC just to access Ubisoft games. Since if you get the game on Steam you still have to download the Uplay launcher and register an account with Ubisoft. Additionally, the Uplay launcher has a separate requirement for patching to take place, which can mean that a quick gaming session can turn into 10 minutes of waiting for patches and updates to take place. If Ubisoft's latest update helps streamline their network services a bit better across titles like Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and For Honor, then there isn't much to complain about.

At the moment the Ubisoft servers appear to be back up and running, but if the servers aren't up in your neck of the woods I suspect that it should be restored soon enough.

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