Titanfall 2 DLC Update

Electronic Arts may have really dropped the ball with releasing Titanfall 2 smashed right in between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with only a week between each of the releases, causing the game to get heavily lost in the shuffle, but Respawn is recovering the fumble with some new DLC to help lure in some new blood.

Over on the official Titanfall website, Respawn Entertainment announced the sixth DLC pack for Titanfall 2. The update is due to drop on June 27th, and it features two new maps, a new weapon slot for Pilots, a new execution, a new mode, and various balances and tweaks to the gameplay.

The two major additions to the game in the upcoming DLC pack includes the maps Traffic and War Games.

War Games may be a nice little nod to the Matthew Broderick movie. It deals with a virtual war simulation set in a simulation pod that reenacts historical wars, recreated to help pilots learn how to battle against their foes on the battlefield. The simulation takes place in a futuristic city where there are shops, tall buildings to run across, and civilian shops to enter. The cluttered urban environment is offset with large enough streets to afford Titans some room to battle in, and there are even some open areas on the outskirts to allow for some good old fashioned Titan-on-Titan melee combat.

The War Games map also features plenty of wall-running segments for parkour artists out there who want to exercise their ability to pull off fancy moves against opponents during firefights.

Titanfall 2's second map in the upcoming DLC pack is called Traffic. The map is for the Live Fire mode, which is a smaller scale six-on-six mode designed for Pilots to run and shoot at each other until their heart is content. The Traffic map is set in a dense series of streets and thoroughfares covered by broken down cars, debris, and clutter. The map is designed to give sniper's an advantage, and runners a lot of obstacles to run, hop, jump, and parkour over.

Beyond the two new maps that will drop in the DLC pack, there's also the new execution called Shadow Boxing. This can be unlocked getting 20 pilot kills while the holopilot ability is active.

Probably one of the bigger pieces of news that the post seems to underplay with no certain importance is the fact that Pilots will have a third weapon slot active during battle. This third weapon slot is designed to take down the Titans in Titanfall 2. This means that pilots can have a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and an anti-Titan weapon. There were no big details on the sort of anti-Titan weapons that might be included in future updates but for now, all the current heavy weapons will be available for use in the third slot.

Another new mode has also been added to the game called Free Agents, and Respawn Entertainment worked on tweaking some of the gameplay, features and squashing bugs in Titanfall 2.

You can look for the sixth DLC pack to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this upcoming Tuesday.

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