The Empire attacks in Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts' subscription service, EA Access, received a small update this week boasting some DLC for Battlefront. But we imagine subscribers will be even more interested to learn about some of the big games hitting the roster in just a couple of months.

EA announced this past week (via Gamespot) that some new content was headed to its subscription service, beginning with the now available Star Wars Battlefront and DLC expansions. Just in time to get everyone pumped for the arrival of Battlefront II this fall, you can now play the entirety of the original game, alongside all of its add-on content including extra maps, heroes and gear.

While Battlefront's DLC is nice and all, we figure folks are going to be more excited about the larger injection of new titles slated for September. We don't have an exact date yet, but we know these games are due sometime that month.

On EA Access for Xbox One, September will bring both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, two of the best first-person shooters to come out in recent years. While EA may have seriously harmed the latter by releasing it right on top of the more well-established former, both of these games offer fantastic online components and something you don't get too often out of the first-person shooter genre; a really fantastic campaign. Again, so long as you subscribe to Access, these games will be your sat no additional cost come September.

As for Origin Access members, you'll be getting both of those games in September, too, along with the Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition starting this week. That, of course, comes with all of the DLC in tow. This service will get a couple extra games in September, including Rebel Galaxy and The Sims 4: Digital Deluxe Edition.

If you're unfamiliar with EA Access, it's basically the publisher's version of PlayStation Plus or Microsoft's Games with Gold. The difference is that this subscription-based service only offers EA games and can only be used on the Xbox One. We agree that last part seems pretty limiting if they really wanted to make some extra cash off of the program, but that's how this business goes sometimes. At least you can get a version of the service, called Origin Access, on your PC.

For $5 a month or $30 a year, you gain access to a huge pile of EA games both big and small. The nice thing about the publisher is that they've got a huge stable of developers making games in a wide variety of genres. Everything from Dead Space to Bejeweled can be found here, along with sports games like FIFA, RPGs like Mass Effect and racers like Need for Speed.

So what do you think, readers? Are EA Access and Origin Access evolving into solid subscriptions or do you still prefer getting the games individually when they launch. Let us know in the comments below.

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