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Electronic Arts and DICE released a new behind-the-scenes video as part of Disney's D23 Expo this past weekend. The video reveals more of the motivation behind the characters, more of the characters who make up the Inferno Squad, and a few tidbits and details about what gamers can expect from the story mode in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The four minute behind-the-scenes video for Star Wars: Battlefront II highlights some of what went into the game's writing, how the characters were evolved to fit the theme of the Empire being the main protagonist this time around, and developing the sort of character structures so that they're believable and authentic to the Star Wars lore.

The video starts off focusing on the main playable character, Iden Versio. She's the daughter of a high-ranking Admiral and has spent the majority of her life in military school, constantly evolving and becoming better at the trade of being a high-ranking Imperial trooper. She eventually manages to land the position as the commander of the most feared and elite phantom ops group known as the Inferno Squad.

It's mentioned in the video that the reason the team went with this story was that you don't usually get to understand the Empire's side when it comes to them as people. Motive Studios' game director Mark Thompson explains in the behind-the-scenes clip that the team wanted to distil the concept of the Empire as people and the writers wanted to explore making a story based around that concept in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The story spans the events that take place between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to some of the creative heads at Lucasfilm, the idea was to delve into the moments and experiences where we see how the galactic Empire begins to break apart following the demise of the Emperor and the destruction of the second Deathstar.

The story poses the question: what becomes of the Empire's most elite special forces unit now that the hierarchy has been dismantled and does that mean that they're now the underdogs? It's an interesting question, no doubt.

The video also takes a look at some of the other secondary characters from the campaign mode, including Iden's right-hand man, Hask. He's voiced and modeled after Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne, who explained in the video that Hask grew up as an orphan and needed something to latch onto, so he joined the Empire.

There's also another character named Del, who offers a bit of levity to the group by engaging in banter and some jokes to keep Inferno Squad light on their feet.

The story in Star Wars: Battlefront II will also feature the dynamic between Garrick Versio and his daughter Iden Versio. Players will get to see how this all plays out this fall when the game launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. In the meantime, EA is really pushing for the pre-order bonuses and Hero Pack that was announced over on the Star Wars Battlefront website.

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