Where The Last Of Us Part II Might Take Place

Last of Us Part 2 Location
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We have received practically no info about Neil Druckmann's sequel to the 2014 outing of The Last of Us. He's been tight-lipped about the game and its story save for some tiny tidbits of info, but some concept art may have given away more about The Last of Us: Part II than Naughty Dog may have intended.

According to Kotaku the concept art might put the location in Seattle, Washington. This is being reported on after some individuals posted some comparison shots of real life Seattle with some snippets of imagery from the concept art from Naughty Dog's upcoming Last of Us: Part II.

The images compare a number of scenarios from the concept art with the real life locations from the Seattle, Washington area. For instance, in one of the concept art images we see someone standing atop a dilapidated car while a fire burns in the background. The comparison shot notes that the Public Parking ABM structure near the Millennium Tower appears to be in the background where the fire burns.

Another concept shot shows a parking toll covered in flora and moss, along with a parking sign about a two hour parking limit. Amazingly enough, some sleuths noticed that the signs and parking meter are exactly the same as the ones located in Seattle.

Eurogamer spots a few more shots that some people have compared, noting that one of the buildings in the Last of Us: Part II's art appears to be an old building from downtown Seattle.

It's a crazy amount of dedication that some fans have put into trying to discover the exact location of where The Last of Us: Part II is set to take place.

However, it should be noted that concept art is exactly that: concept art.

What happens in the concept phase isn't always what's representative in the final build. Sometimes the developers will go through the process of testing and musing with the idea of one location but actually set it in a completely different location.

In the case of the original Last of Us, the game actually was a road-trip story of sorts and saw Joel and Ellie making a cross-country trip from Boston, Massachusetts to Salt Lake City, Utah. The game takes place over the course of several seasons due to the hardships Joel and Ellie face attempting to trek their way across the zombie-infested United States. Also, a life-threatening injury that Joel suffers puts the two of them behind by some time and forces them to make a detour.

Based on the cinematic teaser trailer that Naughty Dog released during the PlayStation Experience last year, it looks like Ellie goes on a killing spree of sorts, and once again it could end up being a cross-country road trip for the duo. Given the detail in the concept art relating to the Seattle area, it wouldn't be surprising if it were one of the cities they visit. For those of you who remember, the end of the original game saw the duo settling in at Jackson County, Wyoming. So whatever happens in the sequel could take them further northwest.

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