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Infamous Honest Game Trailer Remembers Why You Bought A PS3

The Honest Game Trailer for Sucker Punch Studios' Infamous has finally arrived! It's a showering showcase of stupendous sumptuousness, reminding gamers that Infamous is one of the few games that's still a platform exclusive and one of the main reasons to own a PS3.

The Honest Game Trailer was posted up recently over on the Smosh Games channel, and it gets off to a hot start right at the beginning, where the group takes some pot shots at LittleBigPlanet for being a franchise that couldn't quite cut the custard and move PlayStation 3 units like Super Mario has been doing for decades when it comes to moving Nintendo hardware, or how Master Chief and the Halo series used to move units for Microsoft and the Xbox.

Cole McGrath, the lead protagonist of the first two Infamous games on the PS3, is described as wearing a late 1990's DJ outfit. I had never thought of it that way before, but now that it was mentioned... it's hard to stop thinking about Cole as a DJ at a dance hall playing techno music.

The Honest Trailer also points out that Cole's name sounds like one of the most X-Games names out there. It's actually true; it's like a mix of Jeremy McGrath and Chris Cole, both of whom have established a recognizable legacy in the X-Games scene.

Delsin Rowe was the hero in Infamous: Second Son, and Smosh smartly noted that it sounds like the name of a bounty hunter from Star Wars.

The trailer takes digs at the game's casual murder, but notes that the lore and ramifications of the characters with powers is very similar to the X-Men series. For the most part, the Infamous series gets a good showing from Smosh, but there are some criticisms made about the game's shallow morality system, which basically boils down to making good and bad (red and blue) choices attached to the left and right trigger.

The comparisons between the special abilities is also rather humorous, especially given that Cole's powers are described as electricity and ice, and Delsin's powers are described as "hipster" abilities, neon, video, and biting sarcasm. To be fair, I did do a double take when Sucker Punch announced that one of the powers would be neon. I mean, think about it... what the heck do you do with neon as a special power?

There are some criticisms of the series relying on gimmicky side-quests and having some shoddy open-world mechanics, but the Honest Game Trailer also praises Infamous 2 for improving just about every aspect of the original game, and Infamous: Second Son for taking things a step further. Of course, the praise is then juxtaposed with more criticisms of the standalone DLC, Infamous: First Light, introducing players to even more hipster abilities and edgy characters, which sets up the perfect segue into requesting Fidget Spinner abilities... because why not?

Before rounding out the trailer Smosh also takes a dig at Prototype, noting that Infamous was definitely better than Activision's open-world super hero title.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.