Destiny 2 Is Having A Serious Crashing Problem

Destiny 2 Crashing
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Some Destiny 2 players have been greeted with an unfortunate problem while attempting to play the game. There have been some consistent and growing complaints about the game crashing. However, it's only happening on a specific platform and during a set interval, which is causing some gamers to tear their hair out. It's apparently only on the PS4 Pro.

Over on the official Bungie forums, there's a post from a user stating that Destiny 2 on the PS4 Pro is crashing every three to four minutes. One user noted that this happens during the very opening sequence of the game, and every time they attempt to play through the opening mission the game crashes a couple of minutes in. Only occasionally were they able to submit a report to fix the problem.

The problem has only been reported for the PS4 Pro so far, and it's been happening even to people who have a physical copy of the game. The one user in the thread attempted to turn on and off boost mode, running at 4K but still they were unable to get the game to run properly.

Troubleshooting the problem like a PC game didn't render any positive results for people who have run into this problem for Destiny 2 on PS4 Pro.

Bungie was quick to respond to the error, however. The community manager made it known that Bungie was investigating the problem and working with Sony on finding a fix.

The problem, however, has escalated.

More people have piled into the thread to note that the PS4 Pro is freezing and crashing while playing Destiny 2. Some users reported that they had this issue before Destiny 2 came out and they had Sony repair the system after it began freezing and hanging up on certain games.

Some are saying it's a hardware issue while others are saying its a software issue. Some have said that this is something they're experiencing both on the PlayStation 4 physical copy and digital copy of Destiny 2, revealing that it's not something limited to one format or the other.

A few of the reports indicate that they were able to get about 30 minutes into the game before it would freeze up. The freeze would actually force the PlayStation 4 Pro to do a hard lock, which would then require unplugging the entire system from the wall.

A few people suggested using port forwarding for the PS4 Pro and that it helped solve the problem. This can be done by either modifying the settings on your cable modem or through your router's administration panel.

Now if you think this is only happening to older PS4 Pro models, think again. A few people in the thread have also encountered this problem with the Destiny 2 launch bundles. Expect Bungie to issue either a hotfix or a patch as soon as the problem is properly identified and resolved.

The Xbox One launch seems to have gone over a lot smoother. However, we won't know how well the game performs on the Xbox One X until Microsoft's new system launches this fall. The PC version of Destiny 2 is also due for release next month.

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