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A Storm Trooper on the march in Battlefront

Sure, Star Wars: Battlefront is a couple of years old at this point and it has a sequel coming out in a couple of months but, for those who have been holding out for the "perfect deal," that time has come. You can now buy the game for around $5.

With Star Wars: Battlefront II set to launch on Nov. 17, you've got about two months before the online Empire and Rebel armies jump ship to the latest hotness. Before the sun sets on the original Battlefront, though, EA wants to enlist as many new recruits as humanly possible. That's why they've not only dropped the price of the game to about five bucks, but they're also throwing in the season pass at no additional cost. That means you can enjoy the entire Battlefront experience for half the price of a single movie ticket.

If you head on over to the PlayStation Network, they've got the Ultimate Edition of the original Battlefront on sale for 83 percent off the usual price, bringing it all the way down to just $5.09. Right next to that discount is the game's Season Pass, which has been marked down from 20 bucks to 100 percent free.

The Xbox One crowd is actually getting a slightly better deal, though we doubt PlayStation gamers can complain with prices like these. On Microsoft's platform, that same Ultimate Edition is marked all the way down to just $4.50. And, again, the Season Pass of DLC is free of charge.

To be clear, the Ultimate Edition of Battlefront comes with all four of the game's major DLC drops, meaning you get Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star and Rogue One: Scarif all rolled into that single package. If you own the game and never grabbed the DLC, or perhaps only picked up one or two of them, then you'll want to take advantage of that Season Pass.

While Battlefront would have probably made a heck of a lot of sense as a PlayStation Plus and/or Games with Gold offering for the month, this is definitely the next best thing. The way we see it, a discount like this will likely mean plenty of other folks will be fresh to the game, so you definitely won't be the only fresh meat to hit the battlefield. Also, with Battlefront II due out in a couple of months and the new movie out just a month after that, we imagine a lot of former Battlefront faithfuls will be returning to the original game in anticipation of that sequel. So, on top of having a bunch of fellow newbies running around, we figure the returning crowd will help keep those servers packed for at least a few months.

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