Xbox One X

In anticipation of the November 7th launch of the 4K-ready game console from Microsoft, the console manufacturer decided to have an open house demo for the Xbox One X, enabling gamers to be able to get some hands-on time with the upcoming console.

Gamespot is reporting that over this current weekend, you can play the Xbox One X at participating Best Buy stores in the United States. There is a listing of the stores that will be participating in this special kiosk demonstration where the Xbox One X will be live and on display with a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 running.

The demo will be available between Saturday, September 23rd, between 12pm and 7pm EST, as well as on Sunday on September 24th between 11am and 6pm EST. If you need help finding a store near your, the locator for the Xbox One X demo machines being present at Best Buy is available through a special portal over on Best Buy's website, where you can select your state and location.

You'll be able to easily track down a store closest to your area where you can drop by and give the Xbox One X a go on site.

This is a neat little way to help those skeptical about the Xbox One X and give them an opportunity to play the console for themselves.

Additionally, we can expect Best Buy to have 4K screens up and out so people will be able to play-test the Xbox One X at a native 4K resolution.

Only Forza Motorsport 7 will supposedly be on display. It would have been really cool to see games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 or other third-party games being demonstrated but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Additionally, I suspect Microsoft wanted a game up and available that runs at native 4K and 60fps, where-as some of the other games running at 4K are estimated to only run at 30fps in 4K.

The $500 console is a real gamble given that the big selling point is that it offers gamers 4K output. Some games will have 4K renditions made available while others will need to be patched. In the case of games like Forza Motorsport 7, the game will have a separate 100GB download available for the 4K update.

Microsoft is also tweaking the way content delivery is handled so that gamers won't have to download all 100Gb for 4K-ready games, but instead, there will be tags associated with the delivery mechanism for an intelligent roll out of the content.

With bandwidth caps in place by ISPs, a lot of people may be inhibited from experiencing a lot of 4K content even if they do have a 4K television just due to the size of the content, but with Microsoft's intelligent design for drive space, it could certainly help users bypass some of those ISP limitations.

You'll want to work fast, though, because if you miss out on the demo at Best Buy you'll have to wait until November before you can pick up an Xbox One X for your own personal use.

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