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Capcom promised that it would be releasing a ton of new characters and content throughout the year for Street Fighter V. Well, the company delivered in the form of a brand new character for the game named Zeku. This mysterious ninja master is making a return to the franchise with a few startling surprises.

The trailer gained a lot of attention after it was posted up over on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel. The trailer introduces gamers to Zeku, the former trainer of Guy, the Final Fight alum and previous Street Fighter pugilist. Zeku's story goes that after training Guy and mastering the art of Bushinryu, he decides to come out of retirement and start his own ninja clan. He's also seeking to learn and master a new fighting style.

The trailer then goes through Zeku's normal attacks, showing off his flurry of kicks and close-quarter strikes. His moves are a cross between Charlie and Ibuki, but with a focus on getting in close and staying close. Zeku has a few pop-ups that can be used to transition into a few devastating aerial technicals for extra damage. His specials are also very much close-range, almost making him feel like he stepped right out of Tekken 7.

You'll definitely have to be able to master him against zoners, similar to how players had to master Ed in the footsie game in order to overcome long-range zoning characters. Zeku, however, gets an extra edge over his opponents compared to Ed.

While Zeku had a cameo in the Street Fighter Alpha games, gamers were unable to fully see his true power on display. For Street Fighter V Capcom reveals that Zeku has the ability to transform into the lightning-quick ninja that looks awfully similar to the eponymous hero from Capcom's Strider series.

Obviously, when the transformation took place in the trailer there was a ton of excitement in the comment section of the trailer as gamers' eyes lit up and they yelled out "Strider!"

The thing is, he's not called Strider by name, but his attire and fighting style are similar enough. The trailer then showcases when Zeku unleashes his combo-heavy special move. He has a lot of flip kicks, similar to Charlie and Guile, so fans of those characters will likely be right at home with Zeku.

The character joins the roster of other Street Fighter V Season 2 fighters that were introduced this year, which included the Egyptian themed pugilist princess, Menat; the boxing prodigy, Ed; the indomitable demo, Akuma; the street brawler, Abigail; and Gill's apprentice, Kolin.

Capcom will also be including all the DLC so far, such as stages, characters, and bug fixes, along with balance patches, in a complete edition for the PS4 known as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. If you already own the game then you'll automatically receive the updates for free.

As for Zeku, you can look to get him either as part of the season pass or as an individual character purchase starting October 24th.

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