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Star Wars Battlefront II launches in about a month, which means EA and DICE are ramping up the promotional videos. The latest trailer focuses on the single-player campaign, with a quick glimpse of some familiar faces including Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

If you weren't hyped for Battlefront II already, this latest trailer from EA should help get the job done. One of the biggest complaints leveled against the first game was that all of the action was focused on multiplayer confrontations, with no story to speak of. Battlefront II aims to correct that and, based on this latest trailer, it looks like said story is going to be pretty epic.

While the Single Player Trailer focuses on our new protagonist, Iden Versio, we still get a look at Luke Skywalker (in the flesh) and Princess Leia (as a hologram), so we figure it's a pretty safe bet that they will come into play somewhere along the lines. There's much debate as to whether or not Iden will defect from the Empire somewhere along the line and, if anyone can convince her, it's likely one of the twins.

And honestly, that's one of the most exciting things about Battlefront II. Sure, the beta was great (if you don't include those poorly conceived loot boxes) and we're excited to try out even more of the online, but what we're really interested in here is new and unique stories set within the world of Star Wars. Iden is an Elite Trooper working for the Empire, who boasts a cause she seems to believe in wholeheartedly. There's the chance she'll decide somewhere along the line that the Rebels are the ones being wronged here, but that's not a given.

It's been said that every good villain is the hero of their own story, and that's exactly the story we want to play through. What is it about the Empire that has convinced folks like Iden that they are the "good guys" in a given scenario? We're eager to find out.

As for the rest of the trailer, it does a nice job setting up the rest of the campaign. In the trailer, the soon-to-be-tossed-into-oblivion Emperor refers to an "inferno." There's a lot of lore to juggle in this universe but, if memory serves, that's a reference to his last-ditch effort to be carried out in the event of his passing. In other words, if I die, here's the panic button that will just obliterate the rebellion.

Iden is a part of the Inferno Squad, which is tasked with carrying out those orders. But while we're definitely excited to see what new faces and places Battlefront to will introduce us to, we're also delighted to learn that plenty of existing characters will be making an appearance, too. Get ready to meet the whole gang on Nov. 17.

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