Somebody Jumped The White House Fence Dressed As Pikachu

Pikachu, plotting his next crime

White House security was breached this week by a criminal mastermind the likes of which we have never known: Pikachu.

Things have always been crazy in Washington because of politics and all sorts of other headline-making events. So, we were a little surprised when one of this week's big stories had a connection to video games. And no, they aren't talking about stricter regulations or a more thorough rating system.

NBC's Scott MacFarlane has reported that a Kentucky man by the name of Curtis Combs has been charged with unlawful entry "for breaching White House security, seeking to jump fence and post it to Youtube." If you read a bit further, you'll see why we think MacFarlane buried the lede here. For starters, Combs was dressed as Pikachu.

This all went down on Oct. 17 at about 9:35 in the morning, according to the crime report from the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. The report states an officer was walking his footbeat, when, on the south side of the White House, he saw Curtis Combs "approaching the outer perimeter fence while wearing a Pikachu costume." For starters, good on the reporting officer for recognizing Pikachu. For shame, though, for not knowing that the best way to apprehend the guy would have been to chuck a Pokeball at him. Apparently he didn't watch enough Pokemon growing up.

Combs was at least smart enough to state that he was unarmed before he began climbing the gosh-darned fence to the White House. Warnings were yelled, but Pikachu kept right on climbing and cleared the fence. He was then immediately apprehended without incident.

According to statements gathered at the scene, Combs was well aware he was committing a crime but, wanting to be famous, figured hopping the White House fence in a Pokemon costume might do the trick. Combs was apparently recording his escapades and doing an intro when the officer approached. Out of a questionable desire to finish what he started, he apparently cut the intro short, dropped his bag and headed over the fence.

Just to show off how much homework this particular Pikachu put in, he also stated he had researched previous fence jumpers at the White House in order to figure out what kind of punishment he would be in for once he was arrested. Apparently, it was light enough to convince him to give it a go. More incredibly, Combs stated he hopes to return to the White House some day in order to go on a tour with his son.

If the authorities need any assistance in their investigation, Pikachu is actually a skilled detective. And if he has to go to prison, we imagine his time in Smash Bros. and Pokken Tournament will come in handy if there's any trouble with the other inmates. At least we already know the yellow lightning rat is used to captivity.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.