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Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Giving Away A Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Looking to get your hands on a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Well, Nintendo has an offer that you can't refuse. A new Legendary Pokemon is being given away for a limited time for those who own the Nintendo 3DS RPG.

Over on the official Pokemon website, there's instructions on how to retrieve the legendary Pokemon Tapu Koko in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. First, from the main menu select the "Mystery Gift" option. Proceed to "Select Receive Gift" and then choose to retrieve the gift via the internet and select "Yes" when it asks if you want to connect to the online servers.

This will then grant you access to the Legendary Rare Pokemon Tapu Koko. However, before you can add Tapu Koko to your team, you'll first need to go talk to the delivery person at your local Pokemon Center in the game, and they will add Tapu Koko to your inventory, if you have enough space free. Be sure to keep a slot free in your Pokemon stash so that there will be room for the Legendary Pokemon.

Once you receive the Pokemon, quickly save your game to ensure that you don't lose any of the data. After that, you're all set and can begin training the brand new Legendary Pokemon.

Tapu Koko is one of the rare Pokemon that only made its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It has never appeared in a previous game in the series. It's labeled as a Generation VII Pokemon, and also made a brief appearance in one of the animated movies.

In the storyline, the player-character gets to battle and capture this Legendary Pokemon only after completing the main story quests and becoming the Grand Champion of the Alola Islands, following the trial of defeating all the other island champions. The Pokemon's role in Pokemon Sun and Moon was that of a Guardian over the island from the other Ultra Beasts. It had a much smaller role than the more prominent Solgaleo and Lunala, the two Legendaries that the story revolved around throughout the main game.

Even still, Tapu Koko is a very powerful, very fast Electric/Fairy type. It has a powerful shell that it uses to protect itself, along with a number of various attacks that can be utilized to shock and stun opponents.

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been giving away these free Legendaries throughout the year... in fact, this sort of generosity started even farther back, when there were various giveaways for some of the other entries in the series as well, all throughout 2016.

It's a nice little way to keep players' vested in the game and coming back for more, even after unlocking all the other content. Additionally, for people who may have missed out on the Pokemon before or didn't quite build up enough power to capture it during the story mission, this is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on one... for free!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are available right now for the Nintendo 3DS. The Tapu Koko will be available for free between July 14th, 2017 and August 14th, 2017.

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