Pokemon Sun And Moon Exclusives Revealed

Pokemon Sun
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With the release date for Pokemon Sun and Moon set to drop later this week, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been ramping up the promotional efforts of the game, including detailing what new exclusive content they'll have for dedicated, hardcore gamers.

IGN does a quick rundown of the Pokemon that will be exclusive to either Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. This has been a tradition with each of the set of games that Nintendo releases, forcing gamers to have to trade with friends or buy both games in order to catch all the Pokemon.

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They list Pokemon like Salgaleo, a Legendary type classified as a "Sunne Pokemon" and one of the two main Pokemon on the box art for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Salgaleo is only available in Pokemon Sun and utilizes psychic attacks and steel attacks.

Passimian is classified as a "Teamwork Pokemon" and is only available in Pokemon Sun. Not much is known about this particular Pokemon since it's new to the series and the only thing that people know for sure is that it's a fighting type and has an ability called Receiver.

Rockruff is also a new Pokemon, classified as a rock type and is only available in Pokemon Sun. It has a Keen Eye/ Sand Rush ability and is capable of countering moves. It's weird that this Pokemon is labeled as a Rock but is described in a way that would make it sound more like a fighting type.

Turtanator is a fire and dragon type Pokemon, also exclusive to Pokemon Sun. It has an explosive tail attack and can also project damage defensively when other Pokemon attack its shell using the Shell Armor ability and Shell Trap techniques.

The last of the Pokemon Sun exclusive Pokemon includes Alolan Vulpix, which is an ice type opposite of the fire-type Vulpix. None of its moves have been categorized yet but it does have an ability that it can use called Snow Cloak.

On the Pokemon Moon side there's the legendary "Moone Pokemon" Lunala. This is the bat-looking Pokemon on the cover of the Pokemon Moon case opposite of Salgaleo. It's a psychic ghost type with a cool-sounding move called Moongeist Beam, which sounds like something from Dragon Ball Super.

Oranguru is a sagacious Pokemon also exclusive to Pokemon Moon. It uses normal attacks and psychic attacks, and has the ability to utilize telepathy and instruct other Pokemon.

Lycanroc is the evolved midnight form of Rockruff. Still classified as a rock type, the Lycanroc -- despite being an evolved form of a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sun -- is exclusive only to Pokemon Moon. It also has a counter move and the ability to use Keen Eye and Vital Spirit.

The final two on the side of Pokemon Moon are Drampa, a normal dragon that's considered "Placid" and seems reminiscent of Puff the Magic Dragon. The other is the Alolan Sandshrew, which is an ice and steel type alternative to the standard Sandshrew.

You'll be able to get your hands on Pokemon Sun and Moon and all these new Pokemon when the game launches later this week exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th.

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