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Need For Speed Payback

Electronic Arts has been catching a lot of flak for just about every new game that has been released this fall, but the company is quickly on a course correction for its games, including fixing up the player progression for the recently released Need For Speed: Payback.

Over on Reddit, the community manager for Ghost Games detailed how a complete overhaul for the player progression in the game. The aim of the update is to make it easier to own cars within the game.

There's a list of changes that the game has undergone, including increasing the amount of REP awarded to players for every event they partake in. The Bank awarded has also been increased for each event, and the game's loot crates -- perhaps inconveniently named "Bait crates" -- have been increased to give out more REP and Bank per opening in Need For Speed: Payback.

This issue was actually pervasive in EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II as well, which also required a complete overhaul of the rewards both in-game and as part of the loot crates that could be purchased with real money. Gamers complained that after putting time and money into Star Wars: Battlefront II the requirement to unlock characters. Specifically, it required 40 hours to unlock Darth Vader. The requirement to unlock the character caused such an outcry that EA had DICE to reduce the time to gain access to Vader. What was especially angering for the community was that Darth Vader was playable in the original Star Wars: Battlefront but was somehow an unlocakable character in the second game.

For Need For Speed: Payback, Electronic Arts decided to have Ghost Games to make some much-needed changes to the game after gamers offered feedback on the progression aspects. This includes also changing how players receive rewards from the Roaming Racer events, along with making certain other items appear more frequently such as Air Suspension.

According to the post, Ghost Games will be making tweaks and changes to tune-up the game throughout the lifespan of Need For Speed: Payback on the market.

The adjustments to the ability to unlock REP and Bank to purchase new vehicles was in response to gamers who recognized that the current setup very much mirrored EA's Need For Speed Online, which had a grind-heavy system to unlock new vehicles. The big difference, however, was that in Need For Speed Online, _ the game was free-to-play, so it made sense that it was balanced out with microtransactions and the loot box performance cards. However, gamers were not at all pleased with the fact that a $60 game like _Need For Speed: Payback had a free-to-play grind in it.

While gamers have been absolutely stoked about the changes to the game and making it easier to unlock and purchase vehicles in the game, there are still people who are asking Ghost Games to fix some of the texture streaming issues that PS4 users had been encountering since the game released earlier this month. In addition to changing up the progression, Ghost Games will also be addressing the performance issues with an upcoming update, so PS4 gamers don't have to worry too much.

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