The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, And More Join Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite In New DLC Pack

Capcom promised more characters would be joining the roster of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the latest crossover fighting game from Capcom featuring iconic characters from both their brand and Marvel Entertain. The latest DLC pack for the game includes fan-favorites such as the Winter Soldier and Black Widow.

The new characters were put on display in the new trailer that revealed that the next DLC pack for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will arrive on December 5th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC. The character pack contains Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom.

The trailer starts with Winter Soldier rolling out his combos, moves and special abilities. We see him utilizing a wide range of attacks, including grenades, his assault rifle for long-range zoning, and unleashing a devastating uppercut using his bionic arm.

One thing worth noting is that unlike the dragon uppercut from Ryu, Winter Soldier's uppercut propels opponents all the way up and across the side of the screen, opening them up for an extra splash of air-juggle damage.

Winter Soldier also has some really cool specials. In addition to another super uppercut that does special damage, he also has the ability to counter-absorb attacks. For anyone who watched Captain America: Civil War you may recognize the scene where Iron Man used the repulsor against the Winter Soldier and he attempted to crush the power core while absorbing the blast with his arm. Well, in this case, you can absorb projectiles with the Winter Soldier's arm in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Warfare, and actually inch closer to your foes. Pulling off a driving attack to close the distance thereafter makes the Winter Soldier even more dangerous because it means just about any projectile attack from an opponent becomes punishable once he absorbs the attack.

Some gamers criticized that Winter Soldier seems to play out a lot like a faster, super-powered version of Chris from Resident Evil. The major problem with this is that Chris is already on the roster.

After about half a minute of Winter Soldier kicking butt and taking names, we get a glimpse at Black Widow. Unlike Winter Soldier, they didn't base Black Widow on her MCU incarnation, but instead sort of created an odd mixture between the comic book and Capcom's own take on the character.

Black Widow is an extremely fast and nimble character. She has an entertaining fighting style that moves and flows almost all across the screen with the ability to chain neutrals into technicals, and from technicals into air juggles, and from juggles into grabs, and back again. She's like Spider-Man without the web. It's pretty obvious Black Widow has a really high skill ceiling, but for players who master her, she's going to be extremely dangerous. Expect her to be popular in the FGC tournament scene.

The trailer rounds out with the anti-villain Venom. His attacks and combos are a mix of the agility-infused expectations one would have for the symbiote-based character, but his large size also opens up some devastating power-based attacks as well. A lot of gamers didn't like his voice-over lines in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite because they felt he sounded too much like Carnage instead of how Venom typically sounds.

You'll be able to play as the characters on December 5th if you have the season pass. You can get a hold of the pass via purchasing the deluxe edition of the game, as outlined on the game's website. Alternatively, you can wait and buy the characters separately.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.