Destiny 2's First Season Is Coming To An End

Destiny 2 Season 2
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Bungie's Destiny 2 may have seen some rocky moments in recent times, but the development studio is hoping to rectify those slip-ups by starting anew with a fresh new take on content, rewards, and events set to take place throughout the game's second season starting on December 5th.

According to Gamespot, the first season of Destiny 2 ends tomorrow, on December 5th, 2017. After that date, the new events, the new content, and the new rewards overhaul will begin to roll out for diehard Destiny 2 fans.

December 5th also coincides with the launch of the first major seasonal event called the Curse of Osiris. This will go into effect now that the final weekly reset for the first season has come to an end. The first season saw gamers partaking in events such as Flashpoint, Eververse and the Nightfall Strike. Those who completed all the first season tasks in Destiny 2 and managed to reach maximum clan level before the start of the second season will unlock a special Clan Staff.

The Spicy Ramen Exotic emote, and other season one exclusives that can be unlocked through Bright Engrams, will also cycle out at the start of the second season, so if you don't have them it's best to grab them right now.

Various modifiers will be available this week through the events leading up to December 5th, along with three challenges that include Speed of Dark, Unbroken, and The Best Defense. The first requires you to complete Nightfall within five minutes, while the second requires you to finish a Strike with less than three deaths, and the third will require shooting 15 projectiles during the Savathun's Song boss battle, before the boss dies.

Destiny 2 players can also look forward to a number of rewards for completing the Nightfall leading into the second season, so if you haven't acquired them yet it's best to do so now.

The changes for the second season come amid some startling revelations that were taking place behind the scenes, server-side.

Hardcore gamers discovered that Bungie had been using a secret XP scaler to curtail the amount of experience points gamers could ultimately gain during a session of Destiny 2.

Reddit users did a complete breakdown of the XP gains in the game and discovered that the more you played Destiny 2 and the more hardcore you are with what events and strikes you partake in, the less XP you gain overall during that session. According to the calculations, the most ardent of players were losing up to 95% of their XP gains due to Bungie's server-side scaler. Essentially, it would exponentially limit gains the more people played, working greatly against players who were trying to grind a lot of XP within a short of amount of time, or who decided to power-grind to get a bunch of levels quickly.

Diminishing the viability of XP earnings in Destiny 2 for the most diehard fans did not go down well with the community, and Bungie has been attempting to publicly address the issue ever since. Starting with the second season the developers have claimed that some rewards will be adjusted and dedicated players will receive something extra for their efforts.

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