How To Play Through Some Of Bloodborne's Cut Content

A hunter sits in Bloodborne

Over the past several weeks, dedicated dataminers have been digging deep into the code of Bloodborne, turning up all kinds of interesting content that was cut from the final game. Now, it turns out you can actually access some of that content yourself, directly from within the game.

It's pretty impressive what dataminers have been able to excavate from Bloodborne recently. From axed NPCs to trashed enemy and boss designs, all sorts of content fell to the cutting room floor during development. It's not surprising that a lot of extra code was left in the game even though it wasn't used, but we're pretty surprised to hear the latest news that you can actually access a couple of the missing bosses.

This report comes to us from Gameinformer, which stumbled upon a recent update from Twiter user ShadowdImage. They've been tooling around with the PlayStation 4 save editor and, somewhere along the line, managed to dig up a pair of bosses tucked away in Chalice Dungeons that, until now, were only seen in the piles of cut Bloodborne content.

Chalice Dungeons are mostly end game content where randomly generated levels are filled with randomly generated enemies that frequently offer a greater challenge than the core game. If you like a dungeon, you can share it with the community in the form of codes.

ShadowImage decided to do exactly that, sharing two dungeons; each boasting a previously cut boss. The first code is "arkhv2vs," which will let you take on the Great One Beast. The second code is "sikgc3sm," which will let you go toe to toe with the Moon Presence's second form, which was going to be the game's original final boss.

To access these dungeons, head into the Hunter's Dream in Bloodborne and head to one of the empty chalice gravestones. From there you'll want to "search for Chalice Glyph," which will provide a field for you to enter one of the above codes. You apparently need to walk away from the tombstone, turn around, then return to it and press X to enter. You can then press X a second time to go directly to the boss fight.

As a reminder, these dungeons are made with cut content, so don't be surprised if things break or you find yourself utterly stuck. Still, as far as experimenting goes, it's worth a look-see. Or, if you're more of a voyeur, you could always just look up folks playing the dungeons on YouTube rather than conjuring them up yourself.

Bloodborne turned out to be a pretty massive game, so it's impressive to see how much content FromSoftware decided to trim from the game. We're hopeful that the game the developer recently teased at The Game Awards is a sequel but, barring that, maybe all of this recent buzz will help convince the team that fans are eager to revisit the streets of Yharnam.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.