Check Out These Unused Bloodborne Bosses

Bloodborne launched nearly three years ago at this point, but that hasn't stopped players from digging deep into everything the game has to offer. One such player recently made some interesting discoveries, including assets that appear to be bosses and other characters that were never included in the final game.

YouTube user Sanadsk has become known for his Souls content over the years. He's got all kinds of videos diving into the lore of games like Demon's Souls and the Dark Souls trilogy, as well as their spiritual sibling, Bloodborne.

In his latest video, Sanadsk reveals several assets he's discovered that never made it into the game proper. We'd love to hear more details about these creatures from the steam at FromSoftware but, for now, all we can do is speculate as to why they failed to make the cut.

Of course, unused assets are tucked away in game code all of the time, it's just really neat to take a gander at when a player is able to pull them out for everyone to peruse. Only so many terrible monstrosities could occupy the world of Bloodborne, after all, so take a few minutes to enjoy the video above highlighting at least some of the critters that got left on the cutting room floor.

In the video, Sanadsk explains that datamining Bloodborne took longer than normal because of the fact that the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. That being the case, the file dump wasn't made available until recently, allowing folks to finally dig in and see what they could discover.

The first character to pop up on the screen is one Sanadsk suspects is an unused boss. It's a large wolf-like creature with insane fur. I'm not convinced, though. Given how similar the character looks to Vicar Amelia, I suspect this might be just an unused design for the same character. The next image Sanadsk brings up is the beast minus its fur, which is infinitely less intimidating.

The second creature highlighted is called a "Creeper," which is a winged fire demon with a massive ax. The creature is seen as having both one and two heads, which could either be design options or a second form for the brute. Sanadsk mentions that many of the game's unused assets have a fire effect, which might mean a flaming area was planned for and then never included in Bloodborne. Of all of the pulled assets that feel less at home in Bloodborne and more at home in a Souls game, Creeper is tops.

From there we get a character that is almost certainly a scholarly NPC, followed by a sword-wielding skeleton and a chubby, bipedal rat monster. Again, not sure either of those would have felt super at home in Bloodborne.

Sanadsk's video is definitely an interesting peek behind the curtain for Bloodborne fans and he's promising more to come as he digs deeper into the files.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.