The Han Solo Song From Kinect Star Wars Actually Works In The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Do you remember that popular Kinect Star Wars game for the Xbox 360 that came out many years ago? You know the one where Darth Vader was dancing with Stormtroopers? Well, in that game there's a Han Solo song and someone decided to pair it up with the trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, trailer and it actually works... really well.

YouTuber Shooptube put together the video that has the song "I'm Han Solo" imposed over the original Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer that aired after being teased during this year's Super Bowl event.

The song is a pop song... so obviously it's a lot more upbeat and fast-paced than the more subdued instrumental track used in the original trailer.

The music is pitch perfect. I'm not just saying that. There are a couple of scenes where the fade in, the pop-clap and the sequencing are aligned perfectly. The robot giving the little hand sign while the kick-beat and claps are pushed to the forefront of the audio cue is just brilliant.

I know it's completely cheesy, but how well "I'm Han Solo" was used for Solo: A Star Wars Story showed that this wasn't just a meme done for giggles and goofs, but there was some passion put into this to make it seem authentic and fun.

What's even funnier is that people in the comment section absolutely loved it. It's not even about having a laugh at the expense of the Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars, but rather a ton of people upvoting the trailer for making Solo: A Star Wars Story seem like an entertaining, fun-filled ride.

Given some of the warm responses from some potential moviegoers when they first laid eyes on the full trailer, it's probably a good thing this particular fan-made trailer exists because it's definitely convincing some people to take a renewed interest in the upcoming film.

I'm sure Microsoft and Disney wish there was this kind of response from the original outing of Kinect Star Wars when it came out for the Xbox 360 back in 2012. The game was mocked for its ridiculous portrayal of some of the iconic characters, and for turning some beloved icons into pop-dancing caricatures.

The game itself was an evolution of the traditional music-rhythm sub-genre centered around matching up your body movements with the dance routines on the screen, a little bit like a body-oriented version of Dance Dance Revolution or Bust-A-Groove.

However, while the game itself may live on in infamy for Boba Fett pulling off Michael Jackson moves on stage, the soundtrack may gain a renewed lease in pop-culture life with the Han Solo song helping make the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer that much more enticing.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.