How to Play Burnout Paradise Remastered Early

Burnout Paradise Remastered
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Microsoft announced that it's possible to play the remastered version of Burnout Paradise early. The game is due out on March 16th for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, if you're keen on playing the game a few days earlier than everyone else, there's a pretty simple way to do so.

According to the Xbox News site, all you have to do is sign up for an EA Access subscription and you can start playing Burnout Paradise Remastered right now. As some of you might know, the EA Access plan is only available for Xbox One gamers, while Origin Access is available for PC gamers.

If you subscribe to Electronic Arts digital subscription service, you'll not only gain access to the remastered version of Burnout Paradise but you'll also be able to make use of the enhanced Xbox One X features, such as upscaling to 4K resolution and the ability to play at a consistent 60 frames per second.

The remastered version of the game also comes with all eight of the DLC packs that released with the original version of the game back when it came out in 2008. This includes more than 100 additional cars and more than 10 additional tracks to race on, in addition to what was already featured in the main game.

The DLC packs include the Big Surf Island challenges, which come packed with new vehicles and an all new district to explore. There's the Cops and Robbers pack, which features all new police variations for 33 of the original vehicles featured in Burnout Paradise. The Legendary Cars pack includes four classic cars that join the motorized roster, such as the Carson GT Nighthawk, the Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger, the Hunter Manhattan Spirit, and the Jansen 88 Special.

If cars aren't your thing but bikes are, the Burnout Bikes pack will also be available, which comes jam packed with four different motorbikes for players to utilize. The Burnout Paradise Toys pack also mixes things up by turning some of the standard cars on the roster into literal toys.

The last two packs include the Cagney update, which features new modes and challenges along with the Carson Hippy Van, and the Boos Specials pack that comes with the Carson Extreme Hot Rod and the Montgomery Hawker Mech.

In total there will be 150 playable vehicles in Burnout Paradise Remastered, along with the return of the official soundtrack.

If you have an EA Access account on Xbox One, you can join in on the action right now and check out the game days earlier than everyone else. It will also grant you privileges to some multiplayer queues ahead of the flood of attention that the servers will likely get when Burnout Paradise Remastered launches this Friday, on March 16th.

Fans of the series who have been looking for something decidedly different from what EA offered gamers last fall in the form of Need for Speed: Payback may want to keep Burnout Paradise Remastered on their radar if high-impact racing and explosive crashes are more up your alley.

Will Usher

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