How Destiny 2 Will Punish Quitters In Multiplayer

Destiny 2
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Bungie may have received a lot of criticisms from gamers for the various decisions made for Destiny 2 that drastically affected the game, but that doesn't mean that Bungie is done updating and balancing the game. In fact, the developers have recently explained how they'll be keeping the peace in multiplayer by punishing quitters.

Over on the official Bungie website, the developers revealed that in updated 1.1.4 for Destiny 2, there will be a penalty added to the Competitive Playlist for gamers who quit mid-match.

The developers explain that since the Competitive Playlist disables the ability to join a match in progress, it means that someone who leaves a Crucible match during the middle of a bout will obviously disrupt the team dynamics since one team will be down a man and won't be able to replace them. The penalty for quitting during the middle of a match is that there will be temporary restrictions applied to a user's account, including up to 30 minutes of time-out for those who eventually become "habitual quitters."

According to the team at Bungie, if you leave a match for any reason it's disruptive to the rest of the team and that makes it difficult for everyone else to enjoy the game. The team suggests making sure that if you join a competitive match to have a designated amount of time set aside so that you have time to actually complete the match, and that when you're entering into a competitive match that your connection is solid.

I imagine some gamers may be somewhat annoyed at the idea that leaving a match for any reason could net them a penalty. What happens when an important phone call comes in? What happens if the baby is crying and you have to change a diaper? What happens when you have to make a quick run to the store to get more formula milk? What happens when you have to answer the door to grab a pizza to placate the munchies? Well, Bungie believes that those things should come secondary to Competitive play in Destiny 2, and if you can't dedicate the time to a Competitive Playlist, you shouldn't attempt to jump in.

Some people may think it's unfair, but there are plenty of times when a player begins to lose for one reason or another and doesn't want to incur any sort of negative scoring marks on their profile, so they unplug the cable from the console, or turn off the modem to avoid losing a match the honest way. Some sore losers do this often, and it can be very frustrating for both teams, especially since it can cause one team to lose a member and be down a player, making their likelihood of victory much slimmer. Network disruptions can also cause lag spikes, which can also negatively affect opposing teams, and may end up giving the other team an advantage. Either way, players dropping out of games is frustrating and Bungie wants to punish players for this.

Additionally, the team will be ramping up security measures, so gamers intent on cheating in Destiny 2 will also be punished. It's not a complete fix for some of the other issues that gamers had with the game, but it should make the Competitive Playlist a lot more... competitive.

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