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A demon lurks in Agony.

Agony, the successfully crowdfunded survival horror game set in hell, ain't for the faint of heart. Things get so hairy, in fact, that the developer is cutting some content from the game in order to avoid an AO rating. If you're gaming on PC, though, a post-launch patch will allow you to plug that cut content back into the game.

If you're wondering what the big deal is concerning Agony, make sure you're not on a work computer and do a quick search for images of the game. The developers planned to make the game into the "most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming," and they appear to have achieved exactly that. As such, their version of hell incorporates all sort of violent and sexual imagery, frequently combining the two.

It turns out rating boards aren't too fond of that kind of behavior, which is why Agony was staring down the barrel of an AO rating. Since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One won't welcome games with an Adults Only rating, that put the developers in something of a predicament. Their original Kickstarter goal included those platforms, but their content was too graphic to actually appear on them.

According to the latest blog update from the team, that's led to a hard decision to censor some of the game. The statement begins by saying that the content will be identical across all versions, but some things are being altered in order to have the game stay away from that AO rating. However, if you're gaming on PC, you'll be able to download an optional patch for the game that will put in whatever ends up being cut.

If you backed a console version of the game, the team is working on a plan to allow you to convert your crowdfunded copy of the game to PC instead, with details on that process expected in the next update.

No information has been provided on what has been censored at this point due to fear of "spoilers." However, apparently, it has nothing to do with what we've seen of the game so far. The announcement states that everything seen in those screenshots and trailers remains intact, which has us scratching our head concerning what, exactly, they had to do in order to push it up to an AO rating. I mean, the stuff on display already is pretty wild, so whatever they had to cut from the game must be rather impressive. The post actually ends with a bunch of gifs showing off what's still in the game so, again, we're not sure how much further they originally went to get that Adults Only tag.

At this point, you have to try pretty hard to get an AO rating. Games like Resident Evil VII and The Evil Within have pushed the gore meter pretty high and still come out with a rating of Mature. So, yeah, it'll be interesting to read about comparisons with the unedited version of the game following launch.

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