LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Trailer Includes An Awesome Pixar Easter Egg

Pixar movies are known for two things, making you weep openly in a movie theater full of strangers, and hiding references to their other films inside each feature. It seems that the first LEGO game based on a Pixar license will follow suit. The first gameplay trailer for LEGO The Incredibles has been released and amidst all the great superhero action, we get a brief glimpse at a location that will be familiar to Pixar fans, but not from The Incredibles movies. Instead, it's the famous floating house of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Up. Check it out.

LEGO The Incredibles Up House

While the house is front and center during one shot of the new trailer, we just see Dash racing in front of it, so it's only a brief glimpse. All the more reason to expect that the house itself isn't really important to the game, just something for Pixar fans to recognize as they're playing through LEGO The Incredibles. It does, however, make one wonder if there will be more easter eggs and references throughout LEGO The Incredibles.

While numerous major franchises have been given the LEGO treatment over the years, the upcoming Incredibles game, which will take inspiration from both the original film as well as the upcoming sequel, is the first time that a Pixar property has been used. With it's unlikely at this point that most of the other popular Pixar films will get their own LEGO game, this could be TT Games opportunity to have some broader fun with the Pixar universe, by throwing in the occasional reference to other movies.

It would certainly fit the Pixar theme and attitude. Pixar easter eggs have become a reliable source of entertainment for movie fans, there are several that are guaranteed to be Incredibles 2, including Pixar's famous Luxo Ball. and a reference to Pixar's next movie, which in this case would be Toy Story 4. If there aren't a great deal of additional Pixar easter eggs in the new game, it makes one wonder if the inclusion of the house from Up could mean that TT Games is looking at making an Up game to follow this one.

I didn't notice any other easter eggs in the new trailer, but give it a look and let know if I missed anything.

LEGO Incredibles will be available on all major consoles and PC day and date with Incredibles 2 release in theaters, June 15.

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