The First Far Cry 5 DLC Takes The Game To Vietnam

Far Cry 5's first DLC is nearly ready to launch, and it looks like we'll be leaving behind the not-so-peaceful community of Hope County and dropping straight into the thick of combat in Vietnam.

As you may have noticed, this DLC is a clears throat far cry, from the original game. We found out several months back that, rather than continue the story of Far Cry 5 with a straight sequel DLC chapter, Ubisoft had opted to instead go in three completely different directions, giving players a fresh dose of action to shoot their way through.

The first of those DLC packs is called Hours of Darkness, where players will once again take on the role of Wendell Redler. Before becoming the sheriff of Hope County, Redler fought in the Vietnam War. This mission will play out sort of like a flashback, with Redler recounting his tales of heroics while the player carries out the deeds. You'll find yourself stuck behind enemy lines in an effort to rescue your squadmates in the first Far Cry chapter to be set during a war. You'll need to utilize stealth, as well as plenty of hair-trigger shooty-shooty action.

The Hours of Darkness trailer opens with a grizzled voice talking about a doomed band of brothers, brought down in their chopper behind enemy lines. The pulpy comic book-style visuals quickly transition to gameplay, with the jungles of Vietnam looking drastically different from the landscapes of Montana.

Plenty of action follows, including sneaking up on enemies, setting off traps, driving down winding roads and even fighting wildlife like alligators and panthers.

While Hours of Darkness is something of a prequel to Far Cry 5, the next pair of DLC chapters will be going even further from the norm as players fight zombies and head into space. We're not sure what order they'll release in, but Dead Living Zombies will feature seven "movie set" scenarios, where the player has to mow down a bunch of reanimated corpses. Lost on Mars will see astronaut Nick Rye mowing down alien scum on the red planet.

We're definitely fans of this type of DLC, as it allows players to keep enjoying a game like Far Cry 5 without feeling tied to the main game. That's also nice for folks who maybe can't afford the DLC, as they don't feel like they're missing out on the game's "true ending" or anything by not playing the extra chapters.

There's also the added bonus of feeling like you're kinda-sorta playing a completely different game. All three of the DLC chapters offer a distinct look and gameplay style when compared to the base Far Cry 5 experience, which certainly seems like a solid reason to jump back in and see what Ubisoft has cooked up.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.