What Comes In Far Cry 5's Season Pass

Far Cry 5
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Ubisoft has publicly detailed the season pass for Far Cry 5 for the first time, which is fast approaching its release date of March 27th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The season pass will be available in a few different ways, including being sold separately and coming in the Far Cry 5: Gold Edition bundle pack.

An official Ubisoft blog entry explains that when the game launches at the end of March, the season pass will offer additional gaming experiences. There will be three extra add-on packs that have absolutely nothing to do with the Hope County escapades that take place in Montana. For instance, the first add-on pack in the season pass is Hours of Darkness, which is set during the Vietnam war, where you'll play as a soldier battling the Viet Cong soldiers.

Unfortunately, this new information hasn't shown us what the Vietnam section will look like, but there are hints of it being a pulp-style run-and-gun romp. Many are hoping it's similar to the way Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon played out.

The second expansion pack is called Dead Living Zombies. This is almost entirely self-explanatory. Gamers take on the role of heroes attempting to face off against hordes of the undead throughout multiple B-movie style scenarios, obviously themed after the classic George A. Romero horror films about the living dead.

The third expansion pack is called Lost On Mars. It keeps with the pulp themes of the first two expansions, focusing on players who will have to battle it out against giant arachnids on Mars. This is slightly different from the other two expansions insofar that this will likely focus on sci-fi oriented fanfare and weaponry.

Again, we don't get to see how the expansion pack missions will look in action, but we do know that they will likely be a lot more tongue-in-cheek compared to the main Far Cry 5 campaign. Speaking of the Far Cry campaign, Ubisoft will also be including the Far Cry 3: Classic Edition into the Season Pass for the game, so players will be able to work through the entire game's campaign mode and face off against the iconic villain Vaas, who was brought to the gaming screen courtesy of actor Michael Mando.

Originally, Far Cry 3 only came out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. So Xbox One and PS4 games will be able to get their hands on the game for the very first time with this upcoming release. Additionally, if you don't get the Season Pass for Far Cry 5, you'll still be able to purchase Far Cry 3: Classic Edition for the Xbox One and PS4. However you'll have to wait four whole weeks later than those who did purchase the Season Pass. Not only that but the game will also come with the classic Map Editor, which was one of the iconic features from the very first Far Cry from back when the game first came out for PC and the OG Xbox. Ubisoft has plans on detailing the DLC and map editor for Far Cry 5 closer to the game's release.

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