Stranger Things

Netflix's Stranger Things has become a pop-cultural phenomenon. After the first season appeared on the streaming service it became a hugely recognizable brand in entertainment media, and it was just a matter of time before a full fledged game was made available, and now one company has stepped up to the plate to take on the task of working on a Stranger Things video game.

During this year's E3 in Los Angeles, California, Telltale Games announced via Twitter that there will be a game based on Netflix's original sci-fi drama series, Stranger Things.

This arrived shortly after Netflix announced that it would be featuring Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode on the service, and it was pretty obvious that, given that Netflix had begun bringing in interactive narrative games, Telltale and Netflix would likely have some kind of further collaboration together.

Well, Telltale did officially announce that the collaboration extends beyond Minecraft: Story Mode with a game based on Stranger Things. The game is currently early in development right now and Telltale has plans on adding the IP to its ever-expanding library of properties. The company also announced that much like all its other titles, you can expect to see it arrive on PC and home consoles.

Based on the structure of the tweets, it's unlikely that the game will come out at some point in late 2018, since details on the Stranger Things project won't be made available until then. So, this likely means that the first episode won't arrive for Xbox One, PS4 or PC until sometime in 2019.

Telltale has taken on a very different strategy after the new CEO stepped in and gutted a large portion of the studio.

The studio also cut down on its release schedule, scaling back on the amount of games that Telltale releases throughout the year. Even now, the company only has The Walking Dead: The Final Season and The Wolf Among Us on the horizon. Previously, Telltale had a large swath of games under its belt, including Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft: Story Mode.

With the company scaling back on the amount of properties its handling right now, this means it can focus more on quality over quantity, sort of like the second season of Batman: The Enemy Within. If Telltale can bring that level of quality to a Stranger Things game I think that it could end up being really huge.

The show itself is set during the 1980s and covers an extra-dimensional horror element that has really captured audiences everywhere.

Don't be surprised if there are plans to release the Telltale version of the game alongside the third season of Stranger Things. Of course, we won't know for sure until later this year when Telltale will roll out more details on the game, including, possibly, when it will release.

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