Why Destiny 2 Is Killing Off Cayde-6

Prince Uldren Destiny 2

Destiny 2's next expansion is set to launch in just a few months and, when it does, players will be saying farewell to one of the series' most beloved characters. The Forsaken E3 trailer is short but powerful, showing off the final moments of Cayde-6's life. According to Bungie, this isn't an elaborate deception. The wisecracking Guardian is going to die, sending players on a star-hopping quest for revenge.

In comics, movies and games, death is typically a temporary condition if a main character becomes afflicted with it. According to Bugie Communications Director David Dague, however, that's not the case in Destiny 2's next major expansion, Forsaken. When pressed about the advertised death of Cayde-6, Dague made it very clear that what you see is what you get. But Bungie isn't just killing off the beloved character for no good reason. Instead, they want the event to serve as motivation for one hell of a revenge mission.

The death of Cayde really drives home the fact that you are fighting a brand new enemy that is severely dangerous. The Scorn are devious enough to kill an iconic hero who is known and loved by many players in our community. That is a great way to suggest we are raising the stakes in the story and, even in a world of immortal heroes, there can be consequences that are lasting and permanent.

In the Forsaken E3 trailer, we see a battered Cayde-6 on his knees and looking a bit bewildered. His Ghost floats near and is suddenly shot out of the air, removing Cayde's ability to be reborn. Next thing you know, Prince Uldren struts onto the scene and finishes the job, exchanging a few words with Cayde before pulling the trigger.

During my visit with Activision at E3, I was given the opportunity to run through the first mission in Forsaken. A breach has occurred at the Prison of Elders, with the worst baddies in the galaxy making a break for freedom. The player joins Cayde on a mission to get things under control and, as is often the case when the legendary Hunter gets involved, things don't really go according to plan. I'll leave the details of the mission for discovery when the expansion actually launches but, suffice it to say, Cayde-6 does indeed appear to meet his final end.

But when I used words like "appears" or "presumably" with Dague, he was quick to correct me.

Not 'might be dead,' Cayde is dead. And now it's time to go on the hunt. It's open season on Prince Uldren...The player can now step into that void left by Cayde and exact vengeance on his behalf.

Dague added that the team decided it was important to begin this next, darker chapter of the Destiny story with a deeply personal tragedy. He said an event like the death of a main character, especially one as loved as Cayde, creates a moment where players gain a very clear direction on where to focus their emotional energy.

In Forsaken, that direction is toward the lawless frontier, where the biggest baddies to escape the Prison of Elders await your retribution. You can take a look at the story reveal trailer below:

Forsaken launches on Sept. 4 for all platforms.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.