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The content roadmap for season 3 of Battlefront 2.

Star Wars: Battlefront II's first year on the market has been something of a roller coaster ride, but it definitely hit one of its peaks for series fans during E3 2018 with the announcement that a new season of content based on the beloved Clone Wars saga was in the works. The team at DICE has finally released a roadmap for that content, letting players know what they can expect to be plugged into Battlefront II's multiplayer offerings in the coming months.

The roadmap for Battlefront II's Clone Wars content popped up on reddit heading into the weekend, offering a visual representation of the planned launch schedule for the coming months. It's something of a slow drip, which appears to be carrying the game all the way to its one-year anniversary this winter. During E3 in mid-June, DICE and EA dispelled rumors that focus was going to be shifted away from the game due to the overwhelming negativity Battlefront II saw at launch. The announcement of the Clone Wars content and this launch breakdown at least proves that the game will continue to be updates through the end of 2018 but, beyond that, there's no telling if there are additional plans.

Heading into July, fans can expect a new mode to be introduced into the game's PvP roster called "Hero Starfighters." As the name suggests, this mode will ditch standard ships and instead focus on a showdown between those vehicles piloted by series legends. Additional improvements in July will be the ability to turn lightsabers on and off at will, an effect on stamina while using a lightsaber to block, the ability to swap your appearance before battles, and some quality of life improvements to Hero Showdown mode.

Once August rolls around, Clone Troopers will start appearing in game matches and emotes/victory poses will be available to unlock using additional currencies.

The nebulous "Fall" window will bring Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous as playable heroes, a new and unnamed large-scale mode, additional Clone Trooper and Hero appearances, and the ability to create squads.

Finally, this winter, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku will be added as playable character, Geonosis will be dropped into the game as a new map and more appearances will be triggered.

That's a decent amount of content, but the buzz around the board is that it is being spread out over far too wide a window, presumably about five or six months. Most games only get an update or two in that amount of time, so we figure EA and DICE are going this route in order to keep constant interest in the game rather than drop it all at once and have everyone asking "what's next" four weeks later.

Feel free to drop your thoughts on the launch lineup in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on Battlefront II's recovery following the loot box/progression debacle at launch. Is the game making amends or is it too little, too late?