When it comes to any game that Rockstar is working on there are always a ton of rumors, a ton of chatter, and lots of discussions spread across the world wide web, as everyone tries to figure out what the new game(s) will contain, what gamers will be able to do, and how far Rockstar is willing to push the envelope. Some communities have already been pushing out rumors about GTA VI even though Rockstar hasn't announced anything yet. However, Rockstar decided to finally step in and squash some of the rumors that have been circulating about the open-world crime drama sequel.

The rumor-squashing comes courtesy of Rockstar Support's Twitter support, which responded to a concerned user who was confused about a message he was receiving while playing GTA V. The message kept repeating and showing up during the game's story mode indicating that there was something inbound for GTA VI in 2019.

Support finally cleared the air by informing him that the message pertaining to the new Grand Theft Auto is fake. Yes, fake.

The message was made using mod tools and spread about to imitate Rockstar Games as if the company had a message to share regarding GTA VI, even though the company has had nothing to share about any new addition to the open-world action game.

What had a lot of people confused, however, was that the message was also showing up during online sessions in GTA Online. Now as some of you know, mods are forbidden from being used in the online mode and can result in your account being banned if Rockstar finds out that you're modding the online portion.

However, modders found a way to inject the mod into the online portion and spread a message across the game, even to other players who don't have mods installed, giving the impression that the message was legit and there was something big inbound for GTA VI.

Some users shared an image of the message in the Twitter thread that revealed that the hackers who made the mod injected it as a cheat into GTA Online. The culprits had a final message for players, saying that they hoped everyone had a good laugh, but hopefully Rockstar improves the anti-cheat protection.

It's a crude but eye-opening way to get Rockstar's attention for sure. The exact method of how they injected the message into the game or what sort of tools they used wasn't disclosed in the thread, but hackers have been meddling with the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of GTA Online for quite some time now, affecting some gamers for better or for worse. Sometimes they give out free money, other times they grief. The older consoles can be hacked and modded fairly easy, so quite naturally those are the players who will be affected most by hackers.

In this case, the hackers took PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers on a short joyride with a hoax about news being inbound for GTA VI, even though Rockstar has nothing to share at the moment regarding GTA VI. A lot of gamers were duly disappointed by the revelation, but on the plus side, you still have Red Dead Redemption 2 to look forward to for the PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

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