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Fortnite Is Celebrating Its Birthday By Giving Gifts

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Last year, Epic Games released an early version of Fortnite, a third-person builder-shooter that had been in development for six years. The game was a flagship for the introduction of the Unreal Engine 4 into the marketplace. The initial release was for the Save The World Mode, which centered around teaming up with other players and building up a fortress to fend off the zombie invasion. But it was the Battle Royale mode that Epic introduced in September which caused the game to skyrocket in popularity and reach all new heights. In celebration of the one year anniversary for Fortnite being made available to the general public on home consoles and PC, Epic Games decided to give away some free gifts to help celebrate the milestone.

Over on the official Epic Games website, there's a post about the celebration for the first Fortnite birthday. There will be a limited time in-game event starting July 24th that will allow you to earn some free cosmetics by completing birthday challenges. The event will run up through August 7th, so you'll have a couple of weeks to get in on the challenges.

Every time you complete a challenge you unlock new stuff, including a birthday emoticon, a birthday spray, 5,000 extra XP, and a birthday cake back bling.

In order to unlock the emoticon you need to deal out 1,000 damage to opponents. If you want to unlock the new spray, you'll need to you'll need to dance at different birthday cakes. For the free 5,000 XP bonus you'll need to play through and complete 14 matches. Don't worry, though, Epic Games aren't expecting you to turn into Ninja and win all 14 matches, you'll simply need to complete them and the points will count toward unlocking the free 5,000 XP upgrade.

Now, once you complete all three of those anniversary challenges in Fortnite you'll unlock the free back bling.

There's also a birthday challenge you'll need to complete in the Save The World mode in order to unlock the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero for your character stash. Throughout the Fortnite anniversary you'll also be able to earn tickets that can then be used to unlock certain heroes and weapons.

You'll have four days to prep to get in on the birthday celebration for the Battle Royale mode and the Save the World mode. When the July 24th event gets underway you'll be able jump in and start earning and unlocking new gear.

The game continues to be a hugely popular phenomenon in gaming and in the world of pop culture, even if the audience of Late Night with Seth Meyers wasn't all that interested in Joel McHale's story, gamers from around the world still love the game and will likely be thoroughly excited about partaking in this event.

The anniversary mode for Fortnite will surely keep fans happy, especially after the Playground LTM was put on the shelf for a while and won't be back anytime soon. And remember, you'll have up until August 7th to get in on the birthday celebration.

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