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Division operatives close in on D.C.

Set to launch early next year, folks who pre-order Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will gain access to a couple of usual suspects, namely some in-game items and a chance to try out an upcoming private beta. There are, of course, four versions of the game available for you to choose from across all three platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Oh, and we've also got a look at the game's latest trailer, in case you weren't hyped enough already.

Debuting on March 15 of next year, The Division 2 will take players into the heart of Washington, D.C., where they'll work to prevent humanity from falling even further into chaos. Pre-ordering any version of the game will grant you access to the upcoming private beta, though we are unclear as to when that testing phase will begin. What we do know is that a pre-order will also net you a "Capitol Defender Pack," which includes a pair of in-game items that will be available upon launch. First up is "The Lullaby," which is an exotic SPAS-12 shotgun that's sure to make up close and personal firefights a bit more manageable. You'll also gain access to a free outfit, the Hazmat 2.0.

Again, those perks are available for pre-orders of any version of the game, of which there are several. The Standard Edition of The Division 2 includes the game, and that's about it. The Gold Edition, on the other hand, includes early access to the game (meaning you can start playing on March 12), as well as access to the first year of DLC content. Similarly, you'll get access to those DLC packs seven days early, as well as exclusive customization items and additional in-game activities.

The Digital Ultimate Edition is pretty much the same thing, but digital, and includes three additional goodie packs such as the Elite Agent Pack, Battleworn Secret Service Pack and First Responder Pack.

Also up for grabs is the Dark Zone Definitive Collector's Edition, which includes everything in that digital edition, as well as a Ubicollectibles figurine of Heather Ward, one of the game's specialized agents. You'll also get a book of lithographs, a selection of tunes from the soundtrack and even a map of the D.C. area. You can take a look at the new trailer, below.

If you want to go super big, then you can also grab the Phoenix Shieled Collector's Edition, which is only available through the Ubisoft Store and includes even more digital and physical perks.

When the game launches, Ubisoft is promising an even more complete game than the original Division, with beefed up campaign, co-op and PVP modes. Players will be encouraged to specialize their agent to utilize unique skills, kind of like the class system in Destiny. Actually, a lot of the game feels similar to Destiny, which isn't a bad thing. Once you complete the campaign, Ubisoft hopes to keep you hooked with regularly occurring events, additional story beats and loads of endgame content.