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Marvel's Spider-Man

The reviews are still coming in and a lot of gamers are in love with Marvel's Spider-Man. The game combines a lot of what gamers loved about the earlier video game iterations of the superhero with some of the latest in gaming tech to help bring both New York and the red-and-blue clad web-slinger to life. And even though the game isn't even a week old at this point, Insomniac Games is already looking ahead toward the next big update. The snarky spider hero will be able to dive back into the adventure with the much-requested and always beloved feature of a New Game Plus.

Insomniac Games posted up a message on Twitter on September 10th, indicating that just days removed from the release of Marvel's Spider-Man the team is already working on polishing up the release of a New Game Plus mode.

Basically, for those of you not in the know, a New Game Plus makes it where once you beat the game you can then replay the entire game over with all of the unlocked equipment that you acquired from your previous playthrough. Additionally, most NG+ modes also come with increased enemy difficulty and steeper challenges. This not only gives you an incentive to keep playing the game, or replay the game with your current build, but it also gives you something extra to encounter as you attempt to overcome harder bosses or more difficult enemies.

Marvel's Spider-Man already comes with three difficulty settings, so maybe someone who beat the game the first time on the easiest setting will have ramped up their confidence and enough suits and skills to try the medium setting. And then maybe after that, they will have the iron will to tackle the game on the hardest difficulty setting available.

Funny enough, the one thing most Twitter users are asking for are more trophies. Yes, more trophies. The thread has multiple people requesting for Insomniac Games to include additional trophies to the NG+ mode similar to what Guerrilla Games did with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

A lot of people were also asking about how the suit carryover will work for the intro cinematic, as well as a few other story-oriented elements that were tied to the early goings of the game.

I'm sure Insomniac Games will work out a polished take on the New Game Plus to ensure that everyone comes away happy, much like From Software's Dark Souls series. However, for now, we simply have to wait for the developers to finish up the mode and eventually release it in one of the upcoming updates for Marvel's Spider-Man.

The game is currently available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It's receiving rave reviews from across the board. I imagine that had Insomniac waited just a little bit and released the New Game Plus mode before the review builds were sent out, the score might have been even higher yet.