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Telltale's Walking Dead Final Season Continuation Date Revealed In Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead's Clementine is a fighter, as is the team that brought her tale to video games these past several years. And thanks to the series' latest trailer, we now know exactly when that tale will continue. Get ready to sift through "Broken Toys" on January 15, 2019.

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase went live Saturday morning, Dec. 8, with the team managing to cram in trailers and teasers for more than 60 games. Alongside oodles of indies and even AAA beefcakes like Anthem, the above trailer for the final season of The Walking Dead was given special designation as the showcase's "just one more thing." It was a great way to end the show and get series fans fired up to finally continue, and end, Clementine's story.

If you've missed out on the behind-the-scenes gaming news these past several months, there was a period of time when the future of The Walking Dead seemed about as doomed as the vast majority of humans trying to navigate the game world's zombie-filled post-apocalypse. Just days before the second of four chapters for the final season of The Walking Dead was set to launch, developer/publisher Telltale Games announced that the studio would be closing.

This was some extremely surprising news to most folks, as it appeared the studio was doing pretty well for itself, what with oodles of well-received game series based on everything from Borderlands to Batman coming out on a regular basis.

There was plenty of trouble brewing below the surface, as it turns out, with the studio suddenly shuttering and about 250 people being instantly left without a job or severance pay. The issue was bad enough to warrant at least one lawsuit, though we haven't heard an update on that particular legal matter since it was originally announced.

The short version of the news was that the final two chapters of The Walking Dead's were cancelled, as well as known projects that were ramping up, such as the second season of The Wolf Among Us and a highly-anticipated take on Stranger Things. Telltale announced enough people were being kept on staff to finish the Minecraft: Story Mode project for Netflix, then that would be all she wrote. More employees were let go in the following weeks, the studio underwent its full shutdown, and the Minecraft project launched on Netflix.

Thankfully, Skybound Games swooped in to save the day for Walking Dead fans, which makes sense seeing as how the series' creator, Robert Kirkman, is the head of the studio. In short, Skybound brought on as many of the fired staff as they could manage and put them back to work in their old offices to finish up the final two chapters of the game. They've taken up the name "Still Not Bitten," which is one of Clementine's iconic lines from the series that states, quite simply, she's still surviving.

So now series fans just have to wait until Jan. 15 to play the final season's third chapter, "Broken Toys," with the fourth to come somewhere further down the line. Without as many legal issues getting in the way, I'd imagine the turnaround on the fourth chapter will be a bit faster. After that, the series will finally come to an end.

Also worth noting is that all previous seasons of the game are back on the various digital marketplaces, in case you want to check those out as well.

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