The Walking Dead's Clementine Actress Shares Emotional Response To Telltale Games' Shutdown

Clementine from The Walking Dead.

While details concerning the sudden closure of Telltale Games are scarce, The Walking Dead game's voice actress Melissa Hutchison, who portrays fan-favorite hero Clementine, has taken to Twitter with a statement and, as you might guess, it's an emotional roller coaster. Hutchison is clearly upset about the number of ex-Telltale employees who are now out of a job, but her message is a positive one, lauding the relationships she's made over the years and the insane amount of love and support she's shared with fans of The Walking Dead and Telltale's entire catalog of story-driven games.

The above comes from prolific voice actress Melissa Hutchison who has been lending her voice to the character of Clementine in Telltale's The Walking Dead for nearly a decade now. Clem's character has actually become the main focus of the series over the years, with players helping the young orphan become one of the strongest, most badass survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

Melissa Hutchison admits that she does not have any further details concerning the closure of Telltale beyond those that have already been reported, and instead spends her post heaping praise on the men and women she has had the opportunity to work with over the years, as well as the ocean(side) of adoring fans. It's a sweet message and will hopefully help to ease at least a little bit of the sadness that her and Telltale's fans are feeling right now.

The news started out less dire heading into the weekend, with initial reports stating Telltale Games was doing some downsizing. At this time, the company is in the middle of the final season of The Walking Dead, with a Stranger Things game and a second season of The Wolf Among Us having been planned to come down the pipe, not to mention the Minecraft: Story Mode series for Netflix. Within hours, though, it became clear that things were a lot worse than they seemed.

According to reports, about 250 folks were being laid off, which is almost the entire staff. Subsequent updates stated that the second chapter of the four-part final season of The Walking Dead will still launch as planned on Tuesday, but the series will not conclude after that. Almost everything else has been cancelled, with Telltale only keeping on enough staff to finish up the Netflix TV series, which I assume it is contractually obligated to do.

There are a lot of questions in need of answering, but neither Melissa Hutchison nor other employees from Telltale seem to have additional details. Apparently, the staff's benefits run out after next week, and they are not receiving any sort of severance. This is very shocking, as the studio was hiring new staff as recently as last week. Thankfully, an effort through social media has been underway to find jobs for as many folks affected by the studio closure as possible, so hopefully everyone lands on their feet. Stay tuned for more info.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.