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Capcom, much like Nintendo, has been experimenting with crossovers and stepping outside the bounds with some of its properties. Crossovers, when done right, can make for huge business, as evident with blockbuster games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this case, though, Capcom is bringing Geralt from The Witcher into Monster Hunter World.

The trailer for the new content was posted on the official Monster Hunter YouTube page. The trailer making the announcement for Geralt is only 52 seconds long. It starts with a time lapse of the world of Monster Hunter World, and then it's accompanied by a voiceover of Geralt explaining how it doesn't seem all that bad to make the jaunt into another world (something he seems to be doing a lot lately). The dialogue he spouts makes total sense, though, as he explains that he's a monster hunter from another world, so he would be willing to help the other hunters hunt monsters... for a price. He ends up in the world through a portal and quips about how much he hates them as the trailer rounds out.

So there's a nifty bit of info to digest here. First of all, the model that the developers have used for Geralt looks like it was borrowed straight out of The Witcher 3. It would probably make a lot of sense that Capcom struck a deal with CD Projekt Red to use the Geralt model in Monster Hunter World instead of rebuilding the character from the ground up. If the team did rebuild the character from the ground up then I must say that the artists did a fantastic job because he looks like a dead-ringer from how he was depicted in CD Projekt Red's trilogy.

The update featuring Geralt will be free, and it's scheduled to launch in early 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One as part of a title update. It's not just a character being added to the game, though. Capcom has actually put in the work and have fleshed out an entire storyline built around Geralt in the game. So, he will have a unique quest line for players to follow either in single-player or through multiplayer.

Capcom has been adding quite a bit of crossover content to the game. Back in August Capcom announced that there was a deal struck with Square Enix and that Final Fantasy content would be added to the game.

But, not only that, Capcom also had a crossover with Devil May Cry earlier in the year, where some of the content from the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 was featured in Monster Hunter World. And, this past October there was a Mega Man crossover as well.

Capcom is definitely stepping outside the box, though, by adding Geralt to the game. This isn't the first time Geralt of Rivia has been added to another game outside of The Witcher. He also made an appearance this fall as a guest character in Bandai Namco's Soul Calibur VI.

Soon, though, you'll be able to hunt down larger-than-life beasts in Monster Hunter World as the famed white wolf.