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Spider-Man, clinging to a wall.

Marvel's Spider-Man continues to break records as it swings through the holiday season. Industry analyst Mat Piscatella announced the wall-crawler's most recent feat: Spider-Man is the fastest-selling superhero game of all time.

While folks used to claim that you just can't make a good superhero game, recent years are proving that statement to be false. The latest mega-hit from the land of super-powered beings, Marvel's Spider-Man, is held to be one of the best games of the year. And according to NPD Group's Mat Piscatella, fans are responding to that kind of quality with a mountain of copies being sold. Piscatella took to Twitter heading into the holiday weekend to announce that it has officially earned the crown for fastest-selling superhero game to date in the U.S., which is actually a pretty impressive feat.

Shortly after Spider-Man launched in September, the game catapulted itself into the headlines by managing to become the highest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive of the year. That means that Peter Parker toppled Kratos from God of War, which is something of a godly feat. Then again, the wisecracking Spider-Man clearly has a wider appeal than a super pissed-off bearded dad, and God of War's mature rating meant fewer youngster likely got their hands on the game. Still, outselling God of War on the PS4 was a pretty impressive accomplishment.

So what makes this latest news even more impressive is the fact that pretty much all of the other superhero games in the running are multiplatform titles. The biggest contender, obviously, is the Batman Arkham series. While the first Arkham game had to build steam through word of mouth, the remaining games in the series sold like crazy due to the series' consistent quality and growing popularity.

Then in comes Spider-Man, toppling even Arkham, despite the fact that the game is exclusive to just a single platform. Sure, Spider-Man is an insanely popular property right now, but that's still a pretty impressive title to swipe from the Caped Crusader.

Helping Spider-Man sales keep rolling through the past several months was a fast and furious season pass -- with Insomniac Games launching new story content, new costumes, new missions, and all sorts of other additions to an already loaded game, about a month apart. The final piece of the season pass, Silver Lining, actually became available this week. Also recently launched was a holiday surprise from the developers, the Spider-Man suit from the Sam Raimi films.

In other words, Spider-Man launched just a few months ago and, every month, the game made fresh headlines thanks to a constant stream of DLC content. This was all leading up to and through the holiday shopping season, which has all combined to make the game a standout success.

If you still haven't picked up Marvel's Spider-Man, you might want to head on over to the PlayStation Store. Both the standard edition as well as the Digital Deluxe edition are currently on sale.