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A lot of people are getting into the gaming gig because it's fun and it's an easy way to make some cash while doing something fun. An unlikely entrant in the world of Let's Plays and livestreaming is none other than Hollywood actor Jack Black, who launched his very own YouTube channel. No, really.

The announcement came from Jack Black himself, who posted a video over on his new YouTube channel, aptly named Jablinski Games. The introduction is only 28 seconds long, and it's the only video on the channel so far, but it seems to be laying down the foundation for what's to come. Black doesn't spend much time in the video saying anything you wouldn't expect him to say. He does throw down the gauntlet, claiming that his channel will be bigger than Ninja and bigger than PewDiePie. He proceeds to kick back in his gaming chair, which looks eerily similar to PewDiePie's, and then the screen fades out while some funky music plays.

The video has already garnered more than 1.6 million views at the time of writing even though it's been up for less than a week. Jack Black has also managed to garner more than 446,000 subscribers even though all he posted up was just an introduction video that was less than 30 seconds long. I guess if you can garner nearly half a million subscribers by doing nothing more than challenging the throne held by PewDiePie and Ninja and showing off some of your gaming hardware without actually showing it off properly, then all the more power to you.

The video managed to become one of the top trending items on YouTube, and is still trending five days after it was originally uploaded, which is quite impressive for a video that literally has no useful info in it, save for the fact that Jack Black plans to upload new content to the channel once a week starting each Friday. Does that mean we'll see the first major video go live this Friday? Hopefully. Maybe. I guess we'll find out when Friday gets here, eh?

Now if you're thinking "Oh boy, not another one of those Hollywood types invading the gaming industry," then keep in mind that Jack Black has a long history with the gaming industry. He's a regular voice-actor for many of DoubleFine Production titles, including nabbing a spot in the upcoming Psychonauts 2, which was crowdfunded via Fig a couple of years ago.

Jack Black and Tim Schafer also have a history with working on the spectacular yet ambitious failure that was Brutal Legend, a rock-and-roll action-music game with a dash of strategy and a whole lot of attitude. The game came out back in 2009 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and was published by Electronic Arts.

It would be pretty funny if Jack Black whipped out a copy of Brutal Legend and made it the first game he played on the channel. We'll see what he does when he starts uploading content on Friday.