Bethesda has filled Fallout 4 with tons of powerful weapons. However, some of the best options are carefully hidden in the wasteland.

Here are five secret weapons you should definitely add to your arsenal. What's more, you won't need to pay a dime to get them.

While leaving Vault 111 for the first time, you may notice a locked case in the Overseer's office that contains a weapon called the Cryolator. The case has a Master-level lock so you won't be able to open it just yet. However, you can get the ability to pick locks of that quality as early as level 18. Once you can, you should head right back to the Vault and get the Cryolator. It fires a stream of frost that can kill many targets almost instantly even without mods.

However, you can burn through the Cryolator's initial 200 rounds very quickly. You'll need to purchase more ammo at the weapon stores in either Diamond City or Goodneighbor. Be prepared to bring a bunch of caps, though, because cryo ammo can be very pricey.

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