343 Industries has been handed a very popular and very established franchise in Halo. Ever since Halo 4 they've had microscopes on them for every change, modification and addition they make to the series. Well, there are changes in Halo 5, for better or for worse.

Given that the game is being talked about all over the web and fans of the series are obviously excited about the first-person sci-fi shooter, it's time to talk about the five biggest changes in Halo 5 that you may or may not agree with it. Check them out.

Warzone Mode
The biggest change to Halo 5 is obviously the new multiplayer mode Warzone. It features a PvPvE dynamic where 24 players are pitted against enemy AI ranging from Prometheans to Covenant forces, there even legendary bosses involved. The game mode finally elevates Halo 5 to an all new level of multiplayer competition, as players will be able to battle it out across four different maps attempting to beat the other team.

The game mode plays out in two different ways, with either AI or no AI and in the first instance opposing teams will attempt to reach 1,000 points or disable the opposing team's core, while in the other instance players will attempt to work together to dominate control points very similar to the Conquest mode in Battlefront or Battlefield. It's a big departure from the typical PvP features in the past games and marks a nice push forward for the franchise in the multiplayer department.

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