Mass Effect 4 is expected to make some kind of appearance at this year's E3. Usually if the developers don't explicitly say it's not showing up then it's possible for it to show up. But before we get into what BioWare has planned to show us for the next iteration in the dramatic space saga, it seems like it would be cool to explore some of the changes the game should embrace in its next outing.

Fans of this particular sci-fi RPG are a dedicated bunch and they definitely have their own wants and needs out of the series, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at 5 exciting changes Mass Effect 4 should make.

RPG Micromanagement
Item micromanagement and hardcore RPG elements were in the first Mass Effect but then the features were removed in the two sequels. I imagine EA really wants to keep the game as accessible as possible, but accessibility doesn't always make the game better. Allowing players to acquire armor, status items and weapons and modify, customize or upgrade them with complete stat tracking would be pretty awesome. That's not to mention that it would greatly increase the replayability factors for people who would like to try new ways to play the game.

At Comic Con last year a small team from BioWare hinted at the possibility of itemized customization. Of course, nothing was set in stone but even the feature being possibly making an appearance would be a huge thing. Of course, for gamers who want to keep things simple, there's always the possibility of BioWare adding in an option where players can just press a button and automate stat distribution and item assignment to avoid micromanagement.

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