Assassin's Creed Unity takes place in 18th century France during the revolution. The French Revolution was a decade of strife that saw the aristocracy and monarchy by the lower classes, who quickly turned on each other as well. Meanwhile, the newly founded Republic waged bloody wars against other European powers to ensure that their Revolution endured.

Ubisoft typically seeds the Assassin's Creed game with historical figures. For example, Assassin's Creed 3 let players rub elbows with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other notable members of the American Revolution. It's likely the Unity team will include some real personalities from French history in the game's plot.

This era gives Ubisoft plenty of bizarre, fascinating or disturbing personalities to choose from. Here are a few real historical figures you shouldn't be surprised to see in the game.

Marquis de Sade
Marquis de Sade
If Ubisoft needs a depraved nobleman for their game's plot, Marquis de Sade will fit the role perfectly. The aristocrat drew the attention of the police as early as 1763 by mistreating prostitutes and trying to imprison one in his home on Easter Sunday. He's said to have to sexually abused his employees as well. A new word was created in his honor: sadism.

He escaped prison a couple times but eventually his luck ran out. He wound up in the Bastille and then Charenton insane asylum. He remained there until 1790, months after the start of the revolution.

You'd think that an aristocrat with a history of diddling the help wouldn't be welcome in the French Republic. However, "Citizen de Sade" was able to win over enough of the revolutionaries to get himself elected to the new National Convention, the legislative assembly that officially founded the First Republic. He served there until 1793, when he was jailed for being too moderate - probably the first time he was ever accused of such a thing.

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