Deck Database
Deck Database
Instead of letting players import decks from websites, Blizzard could just cut out the middle-man entirely. They could allow players to share their deck ideas directly within the game. Other players could then assemble these decks with a press of a button and upvote their favorites.

This could be a really special feature with some extra work. Allowing players to search for decks by class, by a certain card or certain strategy would enable them to quickly make use of their card collection. Suggested substitutes would let them adapt decks if they're missing certain cards.

Some might argue that giving players these ready-made deck suggestions would hurt the game. After all, shouldn't players come up with their own decks? Here's the thing, though: a lot of players don't do this. Let's be honest about the fact that players use outside information to help their performance and make that information readily available to everyone?

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