Nothing is more frustrating than a bug that prevents you from playing a game as its developers intended. However, some bugs can be kind of enjoyable too.

Glitches can turn out to be a source of unexpected comedy. Some of the darkest, most violent games on the market turn into slapstick thanks to screwy A.I. or a wonky physics engine. Here are some of the funniest bugs of this past year.

The Tiniest Linebacker
NFL linebacker Christian Kirksey is 6'2" in real life. However, in Madden 15, he stood at a mere 1 foot, 5 inches. The football was as large as he was but that didn't stop him. He tackled opposing players by running full speed at their toes and tried to knock down passes flying impossibly out of reach. EA, to their credit, was able to laugh about the bug. They actually featured mini-Kirksey in a weekly challenge for Madden Ultimate Team mode.

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