While The Sims includes a multitude of ways your Sims’ lives can go wrong, there’s some pretty massive mistakes you can make that definitely won’t help your Sims’ lives get any better. Matter-of-fact, one of the things on the list can even kill your Sim, ending their little Simlish lives forever. So make sure to pay attention to the mistakes on the list and avoid ever putting your Sim through Hell. 

1. Smoke Detectors
This is probably the number one most important item on this list: don’t forget to put a smoke detector in every single room. More importantly, put several smoke detectors in the kitchen. I’ve made the mistake countless times of only putting a smoke detector on a random wall in the kitchen and when my new Sim just began their journey into becoming a sous chef, they lit their kitchen on fire. Needless to say, the smoke detector wasn’t close enough to the stove to sound an alarm, so the fire department never came. I had to watch my Sim tirelessly work to try to put out the fire herself, killing herself in the process. Of course it’s harder to die this way nowadays, but in earlier Sim games, I always seemed to lose a Sim this way. If you’re smart, you’ll put three smoke detectors above your stove and one in every room just in case another fire breaks out somewhere else. 

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