Some people have dedicated a large amount of time to killing off their Sims to see how many ways a Sim can die. Luckily, The Sims offers a number of ways to end a Sims life—and many of the options get pretty crazy. Let's just say some of those deaths stood out among other stereotypical Sim deaths (I mean everyone knows when a Sim catches their kitchen on fire, they’re bound to die) and there are five that stood out the most.

1. Mummy’s Curse
The Sims 3 World Adventures introduced a new way for your Sim to die: by the Mummy’s Curse. And it’s as petrifying as it sounds. The scariest thing about the Mummy’s Curse is that it happens randomly, typically when a Sim and another Sim get into a fight. Even if your Sim happens to get knocked out from the fight, he or she may awaken and find themselves shrouded in the darkness of the Mummy’s Curse. Once your Sim is cursed, you have 14 days to list the curse by doing a number of things. And if you don’t lift the curse, you’ll certainly start to feel the wrath of the curse as the deadline draws near. And once the curse reaches its end, your Sim’s life will too.

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