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Some people have dedicated a large amount of time to killing off their Sims to see how many ways a Sim can die. Luckily, The Sims offers a number of ways to end a Sims life—and many of the options get pretty crazy. Let's just say some of those deaths stood out among other stereotypical Sim deaths (I mean everyone knows when a Sim catches their kitchen on fire, they’re bound to die) and there are five that stood out the most.

1. Mummy’s Curse
The Sims 3 World Adventures introduced a new way for your Sim to die: by the Mummy’s Curse. And it’s as petrifying as it sounds. The scariest thing about the Mummy’s Curse is that it happens randomly, typically when a Sim and another Sim get into a fight. Even if your Sim happens to get knocked out from the fight, he or she may awaken and find themselves shrouded in the darkness of the Mummy’s Curse. Once your Sim is cursed, you have 14 days to list the curse by doing a number of things. And if you don’t lift the curse, you’ll certainly start to feel the wrath of the curse as the deadline draws near. And once the curse reaches its end, your Sim’s life will too.
2. Meteor Shower
This is probably one of the most random and strangest ways to die in The Sims—and probably one of the most tragic ways. The Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack introduced this unique way for Sims to see the end. There’s no specific event that brings on a meteor shower, but when it happens, you’ll be able to tell because the sky will darken and meteors will start falling from the sky. If you don’t get your Sim to safety, a meteor could crush your Sim.
3. Cow Plant
The Cow Plant is quite strange looking upon first glance, complete with a big udder sticking out of the bottom of its jaw. And when a Sim first meets the Cow Plant, it won’t kill the Sim...yet. Instead, it drains the Sim’s mood. But if the Cow Plant gets a hold of the Sim again, well, say goodbye to the Sim’s life force. The Cow Plant will swallow the Sim whole and then when another Sim comes to milk it, that milk will grant that Sim the life force that was just taken. So basically, death—or rebirth, however you want to see it. If you keep your Cow Plant well fed, though, this won’t happen.
4. Sauna
This death is only possible if you own the Spa Day pack, where it is very possible for your Sim to die in the sauna. I’m not even sure why the sauna even exists in The Sims because it doesn’t have much of a positive effect. If your Sim stays in the sauna too long, you’ll start to see an overheated notification. And if you don’t get your Sim out of the sauna fast, your Sim will die from being overheated. And as shown in the video, people don’t try to help. Instead, they stand around with their heads down. It really is a lousy way to die.
5. Embarrassment
You know those moments in real life when you’re so completely embarrassed you feel like you could die? Well in The Sims, you actually can die from embarrassment. Death by embarrassment can happen if your Sim happens to pee themselves either in front of people or by themselves—it really doesn’t matter. Or it can occur if a Sim is rejected after putting themselves out there for a love interest, or walks in on two Sims doing the dirty, or a Sim taking a shower—you get the idea. So if your Sim is wanting to take the plunge and propose when the other person isn’t ready, it’s probably a situation that is at risk for death by embarrassment.
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