The modern gaming industry offers consumers plenty of reasons to complain. With the rise of social media, it's never been easier for gamers to express these negative opinions.

Here are five of the biggest pet peeves among the gaming community. For each item on the list, we've also indicated how they can (occasionally) be good things, too:

Downloadable content
Downloadable Content

Why It's Worth Complaining About: Not content to simply get $60 from gamers, game developers will sell extra parts of their game for up to $20. In some cases, these extras are merely cosmetic items that don't add much to the experience at all. Even the DLC packs that do add gameplay time to the game can feel like a rip-off, only adding maybe an hour's worth of entertainment. These premium add-ons divide up the communities of multiplayer games, too, with players unable to team up with friends who own DLC that they don't. Plus, now that DLC has been proven to be so lucrative, it's very rare for a game to receive extra content for free.

Why It's Not Worth Complaining About: While there's plenty of terrible and overpriced DLC out there, some developers have created meaningful DLC that provides a great value. Skyrim's DLC pack Dragonborn, for example, introduced a new island for players to explore and offers over 10 hours of entertainment. There's nothing inherently wrong with companies creating post-launch content for their games and getting paid for it - the problem is just that a lot of this DLC is too expensive for what it actually delivers players.

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