Fallout 4 is the first new game in the series in five years. After such a long wait, it's possible you've forgotten a few key details of the storyline. We're here to help, though.

Here's a brief recap of some of the key elements from the series.

The Great War
The Great War
"The Great War" was the most devastating conflict the world has ever seen. It was also the shortest. Several nations of the world launched their nuclear missiles at each other over the span of two hours. This nuclear shootout seems to have stemmed from Resources War, a two-decade-long conflict over the world's dwindling resources. It's unclear who launched the first missile but maybe it didn't matter. The end result was that most of the world's population was wiped out.

The nuclear blasts reshaped the world. They wiped out most plant life and animal life, turning lush wilderness into barren wasteland. Bodies of water were forever contaminated by fallout. The animals that did survive were grossly mutated.

A small percentage of the world's population managed to survive by taking shelter underground. These remnants of humanity emerged after the bombs stopped dropping to form rudimentary settlements.

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